Cinder Street Sales Suite


The essentials you need


per month

  • Up to 60 invoices / year
  • Up to $20,000 / year in payments processed
  • Public Educational Content


Build a scalable business


per month

  • Up to 120 invoices and $80,000 / year
  • Coupons (Discount Codes)
  • Exclusive Insiders-Only Educational Content


If you have a high-volume of invoices we are here to help!

Contact us and we'll make sure you get everything you need.
  • Over 120 invoices / year
  • Over to $80,000 / year in payments processed
  • Everything from Insiders
  • Top-priority support

Insider and Pro users enjoy

  • Higher Transaction Volumes
    Take more invoices and higher dollar amounts for each order!
  • Coupons (Discount Codes)
    Create private discount codes and offer them to potential clients to encourage sales
  • Insider Exclusive Educational Content
    Soon to be launched our educational content library exclusively for Insiders

Every account has

  • Unlimited Free Listings on our Artists-Network Marketplace
    Write unlimited articles and share unlimited samples of artwork. Each listing will link back to a product/service you offer. Post weekly, post daily, we've got you covered.
  • $2.50 flat-rate transaction fees
    Cinder Street will not take a percentage of your order like other marketplace platforms. We charge a simple small flat-rate amount to cover our costs associated with each order. Please understand that Stripe, our payment processor, will also charge standard gateway fees of 2.9% + 30¢ on each order. These are normal fees for credit card payments.
  • Checkout Interviews
    Ask your clients to upload photographs and answer multiple choice, short answer, and long answer questions before they checkout. Configure your prices to change based on their answers.
  • Live Work Orders
    Provide your clients a live work order where they can see progress updates and communicate with you about the project. Clients can review invoice history, make suggestions, and see updates to the work order scope.
  • Multi-Invoice Work Orders
    All purchases result in the creation of a work order. If you usually bill in multiple steps you can invoice the customer again as your progress further on the project.
  • Automatic Sales Tax
    Tell us where you have sales tax nexus and we'll make sure every order has the appropriate sales tax calculated and charged when the customer pays.
  • Offer up to 200 Products or Services
    If you need more products contact us and we may be able to increase this limit