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Cinder Street is a market where buyers place orders for portraits (and in the future other forms of artwork), and any Artist who can accomplish the work has an opportunity to take on the contract.

Your expected payment for the contract, the source photograph, and the buyer's requirements are all confirmed in advance.

Quick product turnaround times

The Portraits Marketplace only takes orders that an Artist can accomplish in hours, not days. Your target delivery date should be seven to fourteen days.

Create, ship, and do it again!

Real income

Some of our best Artists are currently telling us that they can accomplish many of these orders in under three hours! Artists who work at those speeds can potentially experience an income upwards of $30/hr.

We are working on a "pro tier" for Artists where we have a goal for an hourly rate above $70/hr. More on this down the road.

Here is how it works

Every direct-sale order you make is yours exclusively

When you perform personal marketing on your profile website, in your Cinder Street profile, and on social media: these orders are exclusively yours.

We take a reasonable transaction fee that includes credit card fees for these orders.

Take contracts from our market

When your direct sales are not paying the bills, you can find more contracts on our marketplace! If the buyer chooses you to be their Artist, then the order is yours!

(Marketplace orders pay differently than direct orders)

Ship under YOUR brand and make the experience yours

Attract repeat buyers by adding your unique twist to your shipping materials and delivery details. Buyers are working directly with the Artist; Artists are not employees of Cinder Street.

So sell your direct orders under your unique brand, and use your brand to promote yourself on market orders, all "Powered by Cinder Street."

We are ready to help with your sales tax requirements

Recent judgments make smaller businesses more liable to pay sales tax to every state where they do business.

We want you (the Artists) to be able to focus on your talents, so we've got your back on sales tax. Simply tell us which states you have sales tax requirements and we'll make sure you get the sales tax collected on every order. It will still be up to you to file, but we'll help you calculate and collect.

Order confidence and dispute resolution assistance

The top piece of feedback we hear from Artists is fear about customer complaints and dispute resolution.

We will provide tools to assist you in your efforts to maintain a 5-star rating so that you can build confidence that you can close each future contract with a good outcome.

These include tools for positive customer interactions and helpful complaint resolution.

Begin onboarding today!

We are starting to move out of beta with our Artists and buyers. We'll be onboarding Artists as fast as we can take you in. So get your application started today!